Best Noritz Tankless Water Heaters 2021

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If you’re looking for the greatest Noritz Tankless Water Heater, you may find it tough to make a decision, especially when the company offers so many different models.

To choose the appropriate product, you need to conduct hours of study to find the best match for you.

Many items are already accessible at low prices, but finding one that meets your needs is the most challenging aspect.

There are two types of tankless water heaters avialbel;

  1. Indoor water heaters – designed to  install inside the house.
  2. Outdoor water heaters- designed to install outside the house

If you’re still unsure, here’s a step-by-step approach to help you.

You will find the Noritz condensing tankless gas water heater reviews guide to help you decide which product is right for you.

About Noritz

With more than sixty years of experience in operating water heaters, Noritz is a market leader.

They made history in 1981 when they invented the very first tankless, automated water heater.

The exceptional service they provide is unmatched by any other firm.

Noritz tankless heaters are known for being the most energy-efficient water heaters in the business because of the energy savings they produce.

Customers can benefit from their support service from anywhere in North America.

A wide range of electric and gas water heaters are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Their engineers are constantly improving and innovating in new product designs with ease.

Five Best Noritz Tankless Water Heater Reviews

In this below article you will see the best five Noritz tankless water heater reviews along with specifications, pros and cons. We have mentioned indoor and outdoor heaters, let’s take a look.

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1. Noritz EZTR40 Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater

noritz tankless water heater, noritz tankless water heater reviews,noritz tankless water heaters
4.6 Rating by 31 Users

Do you have reservations about switching from traditional water heaters to tankless water heaters?

Are you intrigued by the possibilities but fearful of the maintenance, installation, or simply taking out the guts of your old system?

I’ve got some fantastic news for you. The EZTR40-NG is designed to replace 40-50 gallon water tanks quickly and easily.

It’s simple, easy, and fast to install with top-mounted water connections and also featured with temperature lockout & high elevation adjustment system. 

This Noritz tankless water heater is high quality, maintenance-free, and comes with all the accessories that need to be installed except for water and gas lines.


2. Noritz NRC66-DV Tankless Water Heater

noritz tankless water heater, noritz tankless water heater reviews,noritz tankless water heaters
4.3 Rating by 855 Users

With a high flow rate and outstanding condensing technology, this Noritz tankless water heater is among the very best on the market.

It will not only give excellent, whole-house coverage, but it will also alter your perception of natural gas heating systems.

To understand why it’s so unique, you’ll need first to grasp how natural gas models typically operate.

Most natural gas units exhaust the fumes to the outside; however, the NRC66-DV-NG takes a different approach.

The NRC66-DV-NG condenses the vapours before expelling them, lowering their dangerous qualities to the point where they can be installed indoors.


3. Noritz NRC71DV Tankless Water Heater

noritz tankless water heater, noritz tankless water heater reviews,noritz tankless water heaters
4.5 Rating by 8 Users

The NRC711-DV, another best noritz tankless water heater with condensing powers, is an excellent alternative for families or even people concerned about their safety.

It will break down toxic fumes inside the box so that by the time they’re dispersed in the air through the vents, they’re no more dangerous to you than a stove’s pilot light.

The NRC711-DV-NG’s offers 7.1 gallons per minute of hot water continuously, and that’s in ideal weather and pressure circumstances, so your average flow rate will be closer to 6-7 GPM.

It can control morning congestion when everyone wants to take a shower at the same time, but it will fail if more than a few devices are running at the same time.

Now you can run the dishwasher and take a shower together without any problem.


4. Noritz NR50OD Tankless Water Heater

noritz tankless water heater, noritz tankless water heater reviews,noritz tankless water heaters
4.3 Rating by 43 Users

The NR50OD tankless water heater supply hot water of 5.0 gallons per minute is a lesser figure than the ones we’ve mentioned previously.

However, it’s still tremendously powerful and more than enough for the average family.

The NR50-OD has you covered whether you want to warm up the hot tub or run the washing machine while doing the dishes.

Another advantage of this unit is that it may be used outdoors, which is very safe for family members.

This water heater is for outdoor installation only. Never apply it indoors.


5. Noritz NR66OD Tankless Water Heater

noritz tankless water heater, noritz tankless water heater reviews,noritz tankless water heaters
4.2 Rating by 22 Users

The NRC66-OD model is the another top performing noritz tankless water heater is specifically designed for outdoor installation and the product is highly efficient in terms of energy efficiency, with a UEF factor of about 0.81.

It is an excellent tankless water heater for your daily hot water problems which provides an endless hot water supply of 6.6 gallons per minute.

When it comes to installation options, the weight is only around 36 pounds, making it easy to install.

It only took half an hour to install, so you can start using it soon after receiving it.


A Buyer's Guide For Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

There are many different types of water heaters that you will find on the market.

You will find that many plumbers prefer using Noritz brand that has a lot of efficiency and low maintenance. We have stated above the top noritz tankless water heater reviews, though you should go through the buying guide before final purchase.

5 Things you must be considered when you buy the tankless water heater:

  • Venting Option–  Before selecting the unit, you should verify the indoor or outdoor application as per your requirement.
  • Hot Water Flow Rate– This is the most crucial factor to focus on, which will show you the minimum and maximum hot water supply per minute.
  • Uniform Energy Factor (UEF)– The unit with water condensing property has more UEF with high energy saving than no condensing unit. The higher the UEF, the more is the energy saving.
  • Safety Features– Some water heaters brands do not prioritize safety measures, but it’s essential for your family and unit safety. You should buy the unit with overheat protection, freeze protection as well as flame control device.
  • Warranty– We know all these are electronic devices, so there may be the possibility of short or device interruption. So assurance plays a vital role in the recovery of your device loss. 

Final Words

Replacing a 40 to 50-gallon electric water heater with a Noritz gas-powered condensing tankless water heater can reduce annual energy costs by 60%, or up to $318 annually.

The Noritz Tankless water heaters can give good service up to 20 years, while tank water heaters only have an approximate working life of 10 to 12 years.

Tankless water heaters from Noritz come with a more extended warranty period, i.e., 12 years and the tank system only has a warranty of 6 years.

All parts of Noritz tankless water heaters are modular and easily replaceable, increasing the energy efficiency and life of the unit.

We have descibed the top noritz tankless water heater reviews above.

You can choose any one of these according to your need and budget. I recommend going with the Noritz NRC66DV unit; it is perfect for every budget family without any maintenance issues.

If you have any query regarding noritz tankless water heater reviews, please comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a reset button available on the front panel of the device. Simply press that button and your Noritz tankless water heater will reset.

Cleaning the Noritz tankless water heater is very easy, all you need is a bucket, hose and pump. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Shut down the unit and close the gas supply valve
  2. Turn off the hot and cold water valves remove drain valve
  3. Connect the pump and hose to both the cold and hot water exhaust valves
  4. Pour enough hot water into the bucket
  5. Open both drain valves and start the pump
  6. This will clean your unit within 15 minutes.
  7. Check instruction manual here

Setting the temperature on the Nouritz tankless water heater is very easy if you have a remote controller that you have to buy separately.

There is a manual method that lets you set the temperature from 120°F to 150°F, for this follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn off power supply
  2. Remove front panel with the help of screw driver
  3. Adjust the DIP switches as per need
  4. Close the panel. 
  5. View instructions PDF here

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