Top 5 Suburban Water Heaters for RVs 2022 (Reviews & Buyer's Guide)

It will interest you to note that suburban water heaters are highly prevalent, especially among owners of RVs. In other news, they are rated among the top brands you will find on the market.

The reason for this is not far-fetched because they are highly reliable, well-built, and always considered to be among the most important options for heating your water while on the go.

When you have a hard-working water heater, it will allow you to spend some more time with your family and friends instead of solving one problem after another.

For RV enthusiasts, you surely understand the pleasure and liberty one gets when they choose their next adventure. More so, you will love the power you feel when you drive your RV on your journey to explore new places.

Understand that one of the many advantages of owning an RV is being able to carry your living space with you. And of course, this includes having a hot shower in your private bathroom.

In this article, you will learn more about the best suburban water heaters you will find in the USA.

What Is a Suburban Water Heater?

Before we delve into the best suburban water heaters, it is best to have an understanding of why people love suburban water heaters and all that they entail.

Bear in mind that the suburban water heater is a type of water heater that one instals directly into an RV (recreational vehicle). Since they are simple to install and are compatible with most RVs, they are highly popular in the market.

If you never knew, Suburban makes a vast variety of RV water heaters, and this means you will have lots of models to choose from when you want to make a purchase.

The Five Best Suburban 6 Gallon RV Water Heaters

The five best suburban water heaters you will find are:

1. Suburban Water Heater SW6DE Model 5239A

Suburban water heater, 6 gallon rv water heater, suburban tankless water heater
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The Suburban SW6DE water heater, model number 5239A, is known for its delivery of twelve thousand BTUs and one thousand five hundred watts of power. Its design is made with a combination unit that offers both 120V electric and liquid propane.

They are both their sources of energy. Whenever this tank gets empty, it weighs roughly thirty-six pounds. For increased efficiency, you can make use of any energy source. And, because it is controlled electronically, it is pretty convenient to operate.

You will find its switch situated on the water heater. Note that it was constructed as a replacement, and thus, everything about it lines up almost perfectly.

  • It functions consistently.
  • Your water will be hot as you desire.
  • It fits greatly into its already existing opening that was initially built by the manufacturers of the RV.
  • It starts to heat up quickly, within thirty minutes.
  • With the flip of a switch, you can easily control it.
  • You will need to hire an expert for the installation, especially if you have no experience with installing water heaters.
  • Hiring a professional will add to the cost, making it costly.

In all, if you need a six-gallon water tank to do the job, this is your best bet. You will have lots of water for hot showers and even to wash plenty of dishes

2. Suburban SW6D Model Number 5238A

Suburban water heater, 6 gallon rv water heater, suburban tankless water heater

In the majority of the reviews left by customers, the Suburban SW6D, model number 5238A, has successfully been rated at 4.8. This is an amazing score, even if you need a rough opening of 13 and three-quarter inches square as the smallest opening of this heater.

Its gas input is measured to be twelve thousand BTUs, and its weight when empty is roughly 33.3 pounds. However, when filled with water, it weighs 81.9 pounds. The 5238A model is fueled by propane alone.

And, it features a 12V electronic direct spark ignition. But, you will have to buy the switch or probably reuse the one you already have. It is through the switch that you can control the water heater.

Since it does not come with all its connections, fittings, and hoses, you will have to purchase them on your own before you can start the installation. It does not include the two brass fittings that connect the cold and hot water lines.

  • It fully keeps up with users’ hot water demands.
  • You can easily switch to this heater when you have a worn-out unit.
  • It perfectly fits your RV.
  • It is easily operated as it only demands that you flip the switch.
  • When you have enough hot water, the propane can be shut off to conserve energy.
  • It does not have any indentations in its insulation to accommodate a gas line. This makes it hard to work in a tight corner.
  • It is bit expensive.

Nevertheless, this water heater is a great value for the money you will spend on it. Plus, it delivers hot water to lots of trailers, RVs, and even fifth wheel.

3. Suburban 5117A Water Heater


The Suburban 5117A water heater is the best choice you can make when trying to purchase water for your RV. It makes use of 2D varieties to aid its amazing performance, and it is very easy to adjust because of its compact size.

It comes with some versatile functions, which makes it much simpler to use in even small homes. The manufacturers make use of strong materials in constructing this water heater.

It has a recovery time of 10.2 gallons every hour, and this is the fastest on the market. This is a lightweight water heater, so it is very simple to loft from one place to the next.

  • It performs efficiently.
  • It is made with quality materials.
  • It is affordable for interested users.
  • It is the best choice for your RV.
  • The installation is easy
  • A recurrent issue with this water heater is that it leaks.
  • It makes use of a pilot light for its gas ignition. This means you will need to keep relighting it whenever it goes off.

In all, the Suburban 5117A water heater is capable of delivering lots of hot water within a few cycles

4. Suburban SW6DE Lp Gas / Electric Water Heater

Suburban water heater, 6 gallon rv water heater, suburban tankless water heater
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If you need a six-gallon tank water heater with very strong power, then the Suburban SW6DE motor home water heater is yours to grab. The interesting fact about this heater is that it is both an electric and a gas water heater.

Furthermore, it is simple to install and does not cause any issues when operating and maintaining it. It is fully fuelled by LPG gas and has an electric ignition. It has competitive recovery times, which has made it rated among the top performers in the Suburban water heater line up.

  • It is capable of recovering up to six gallons within an hour.
  • It comes with an anode rod, making it resistant to corrosion.
  • It has a copolymer insulation jacket.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It has a reduced standby heat loss, which will make users benefit more efficiently from this heater.
  • Owners of RVs claim that the electric igniter does not last for a long time.
  • It needs to have more detailed troubleshooting and instruction guides.

Nevertheless, you are going to love making use of this water heater as it comes at an affordable price as well

5. Suburban Water Heater SW6PE Model 5118A


The Suburban SW6PE, model number 5118A, is quite basic, but we must let you know that it is a highly reliable unit. It makes use of liquid propane as its heat source, and its pilot can be manually ignited.

This simply means that you will have to go outside to ignite its pilot light if you want the water to get heated. It comes with a six-gallon steel tank that is coated with porcelain and thick foam insulation.

Furthermore, it comes with a large drain and a highly replaceable anode rod.The anode rod can absorb all forms of corrosion, thus aiding in the maintenance of the tank.

Furthermore, it comes with a one-piece housing that has been constructed to protect its connections and controls while simultaneously providing swift access. The water temperature is adjusted by controlling the gas flow at its valve.

  • It is installed smoothly without any hassle.
  • It offers energy-efficient hot water.
  • It is highly reliable.
  • It functions just as you expect it to.
  • It is simple to light up the pilot, plus it stays lit all throug.
  • The pilot light may go off sometimes.
  • It has no panel cover or electric start.

Although it is an old-fashioned water heater, you will not have to worry about any electronics breaking down or be bothered about the battery dying

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Suburban Water Heater

If you feel quite overwhelmed trying to figure out the ideal suburban water heater to purchase, then know that you are not alone. It is always important to note that vital components of an RV need to be deliberated on cautiously.

Some of the major factors you should consider when choosing a suburban water heater are:

  • Its size

Aside from considering the capacity of the tank, you should also focus on the dimensions of the product you want to buy. So many people have shared their purchase-gone-wrong stories online.

For this reason, you should always check the size so that it does not end up being a bit too big to fit into the already existing slot where your old heater was initially positioned. You must pay very close attention.

  • The heat uptime.

Note that this will partly be dependent on the volume you place in it and the heating type you make use of. However, the heat-up times for a six-gallon water tank take an average of roughly ten to twenty minutes.

Some heaters come with gas regulators, heat exchangers, and even adapters. In all, you have to plan very well as you may not receive on-demand water at the moment you need it.

  • Tank or tankless?

Bear in mind that suburban tankless water heaters come with lots of benefits. However, your budget and usage will be impacted when deciding on this. In the end, you have to choose what works best for you and your budget.

  • The volume

You should consider the volume, especially when you will be taking friends along in the RV or going on a family trip. Consider your typical party size and remember that they will be bathing or using the hot water in your kitchen sink.

If the RV cannot take a huge water tank, it is best to think about the volume and future usage.


As a final note, we would like to emphasize that suburban water heaters are the most suitable and compact for your RV in all aspects. Generally speaking, we have provided you with some of the most wonderful suburban water heaters for your RV. You should carefully read our outline and choose the option that will best suit your needs.

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